Please join over 100 neonatal nurses from the Inland Empire on our quest for fellowship, networking, education and fun!!

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Welcome to The Inland Counties Chapter of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses

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ICANN wants to thank our
Happy Neonatal Nurses Day to all our members and all NICU RNs, NNPs and CNSs and all those that work hard to make the lives of our neonates better!  
We thank you for all your hard work!  
Congratulations to the 2018 winners:
Loma Linda-Murrieta, Kaiser Ontario, Citrus Valley Medical Center

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 What is the ONE Conference?

The ONE Conference agenda emphasizes the importance of our daily bedside practices. It recognizes the lasting impact ONE person can have on ONE baby and their ONE family and ONE developing brain; ONE moment and ONE touch at a time. 

Although this is a neuro-focused conference planned by NICU Nurses for NICU Nurses, everyONE is welcome!  

Every NICU truly is a NeuroNICU, and this conference centers around the 4 pillars of NeuroNICU care (Neuro-assessment, Neuro-monitoring, Neuro-protection and Neuro-development), and honestly, this year's conference topics really do apply to every NICU.